Real time fact checking

and sometimes the day after too.

I find it so strange to think that there was a time when I didn’t have a laptop next to me while watching television – even if it is to check the facts on whatever show I happen to be watching.

It happened at least twice that I can recall this past week. These are a pair of our favourite can’t miss shows.

Fool Us

This is an interesting premise. Magicians come and perform a magic trick in front of Penn and Teller. The idea, of course, is to fool them. I’ll admit that they all fool me.

At the end of the act, feedback is given to the magician but professional courtesy goes beyond just saying “You didn’t fool us”. Penn and Teller have to explain how the trick is done to prove that they weren’t fooled. Of course, they don’t want to give away too much.

This week, there was one magician who I thought had done a terrific job and Penn asked the magician if Leonard Green meant anything to him. It did and proved that Penn knew his stuff. Truth be told, I heard “Leonard Green” but it turned out to be Lennart Green. There are lots of interesting articles available but check this out – a TED talk by Mr. Green!

Watch it. It will be the best 30 minutes you spend today. Especially, the last of the talk with the tin foil! If you know how he did it, please share.

Still Standing

Jonny Harris is amazing. The idea behind this show is to visit communities in Canada that have come across hard times and are on the rebound.

This past week, Jonny was in a community named Bamfield, British Columbia (actually it was a rerun but still great to watch). It could have been just about any other community with less than 200 people except for one difference – there’s an inlet dividing the town into a west and an east. It’s one of those things where you “can’t get there from here”.

So, I’m sitting and wondering – really?

He made this up.

Grab the laptop and launch Google Maps and do a search.

Son of a gun.

Zoom in and out as I might, there is no road across or around!

I needed a second opinion and so look in OpenStreetMap. Maybe crowd sourcing does a better job than Google.

Nope. Now, there are roads on both sides of Bamfield and the show reveals the only other solution to getting across that inlet.

So, what did people do before fact checking and computers for television shows? I’m guessing that they just denied things and claim that they were just made up!

And yet, today, I can honestly say that I learned a couple of new things. Does it get any better than that?

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