Reunited and it sounds so good

Jaimie and I just got back from our morning walk/jog. It was a little shorter than usual with the heat and humidity. At least one of us had our tongue hanging out before we got to the end of the driveway.

Our path has two directions – north and south – and so I rely on music to keep my interest in the walk. I don’t share the same interest in mailboxes that Jaimie does.

Normally, I walk with my iPod nano and apparently it’s the second generation which puts it about 2006. At 4GB of storage, it needs to be refilled with music and podcasts roughly every week. In the winter time or less humid conditions, I wear a pair of noise cancelling headphones and head out for our daily stroll.

Once the humidity kicks in, I drop the headphones in favour of earphones. As anyone knows who collects devices, you also collect earphones! So, I have a couple of Apple and Samsung units. But, I have my favourite. It was a weak moment at BestBuy perhaps but I bought myself a pair of Bose in ear headphones. You haven’t heard the best in your music until you’ve heard it through them.

I’ll admit though, I have a problem. Through design, the cord for these has an extension that you can remove and remove I did in the spring just so that I was tangled up in cords. Now that summer is here and I wear shorts while walking, I would normally snap the extension back on. The main cord isn’t long enough to reach the bottom of the big pockets in my shorts. Talk about first world problems!

I’d given up on the headphones and had gone back to one of the others.

But yesterday, after the car show in the sweltering heat, I decided to clean up my desk and I found something that had been long lost. It was an iPod Shuffle, third generation, that I got as a gift from an exhibitor at a conference. I flipped the switch and there was no indication of life. That’s not surprising since who knows the last time that I used it. By dumb luck, the connector was attached to it. If you know Apple, you know the importance of this since things are often so proprietary. Crossing my finders, I connected it to the USB port on my Linux laptop only to get nothing. I’m guessing the battery is completely dead.

On a whim, I then plugged it into my MacBook Pro and guess what? iTunes started and the light started flashing orange. Not the greatest of signs but at least activity. So, I left it plugged in all evening and eventually, the flashing orange went to solid orange and then finally green. I don’t care who you are; green is good.

I marvelled at how light it was. I grabbed my Bose earphones, plugged them in, and turned the iPod on. Success! But there’s still the deep pockets thing.

This morning, as I got ready to walk, I thought – what the hey. I took the iPod which has a holding clip built in and clipped it to the collar of my t-shirt. It was so light I didn’t look like that commercial we see on television about looking comfortable in a U-neck shirt. I put the earphones in which, by design, aren’t held in place by the speakers but by the covering. The whole thing was light as anything.

Off we went.

If you think back to the advertising at the time, Apple promoted this device as playing things at random and you could never predict what might play next.

Did you catch the spelling mistake?

When I got home and turned the unit off, it reported that the battery was at 100%. I’m not naive enough to think this will last forever but it was a good news story and every blog needs a good news story every now and again!

Anyway, thanks to the humidity and dumb luck, I have a nice walking combination again. The humidity is predicted to be high again today so maybe I’ll do some more organization and find that extension cord for my headphones.

This was interesting to write and I hope that I’ve used the terms earphones and headphones in the way that the manufacturers wanted them used.

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