My Week Ending 2019-07-28

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • If this post doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, I don’t know what will. It’s a wonderful story from Alanna King about teaching her child to ride a bicycle.
  • You knew this had to come but I’ll fight it as long as I can. We know that the traditional Chromebook comes with a slower processor and when you cast wirelessly now, there’s a noticeable lag between video and sound when playing music on the Chromebook. So, a world without a speaker jack?
  • Why would anyone be surprised that “Fake News” is now showing up in schools. This should generate new importance to digital literacies for all.
  • I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get my hands on a foldable phone. Why? If it expands to a tablet as advertised, this could be very interesting.
  • It’s one thing to attack military locations but quite another to take on civilians. This is scary.
  • So, I guess it’s true. As long as there have been humans, there have been libraries.
  • How Canadian is this? Salmon have a problem; we provide a solution.
  • I’m trying out Edge on my Windows computer and it’s quite nice. I wonder how long before it becomes officially adopted by Microsoft and then Enterprises?
  • The luddites are back! Increasingly, we’re seeing the benefits of handwriting and it’s hard to challenge. What would be nice would be a story talking about balance.
  • The more you know, the more functionality you get. This time it’s about things you might now know about Google. I always pick up a few tips from these posts but don’t really use them all the time.
  • Teaching has indeed changed. Of course, those of us will recognize it over a career. Think further for a lifetime. But, a complete history?
  • Before you throw out that old computer, you might want to consider the tips in this article.
  • Cuts affect those with autism. More news on a theme.
  • I’m still not using voice with any conviction. It’s more of a cute thing for me. I prefer to type and not have my admittedly nasal voice mis-understood.

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Technology Troubleshooting

I happened to me again. Issues with the new Block editor on WordPress. I’d switched back to “Classic” but finally gave in to all the begging to try the new editor.

Now, the problem is self-inflicted because of bad habits. I recognize that. It was for my Friday post “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” which is a long post and not one written in a single seating.

So, I did what I’ve always done. Close the lid to make my laptop go to sleep while I do something else. When I opened the lid to continue, I got the dreaded flashing Saving Update message. And, it just continued without success.

Fortunately, I had run into this problem before so I checked my writing to see how I’d solved it. However, this time, the solution wasn’t available. Gulp. I checked every menu item with no success.

As a last resort, I did a Select All figuring that I’d copy and paste my way out of it. This time, I noticed a new icon.

I clicked it thinking it would lock the blocks together and it did so I copied that. I opened a new post, pasted things into that new post and then unlocked it.


I need to remember to manually save a draft for the future.

Video of the Week

Photo of the Week

This spot reserved for a picture of a 1959 Chevrolet Pickup truck with a wooden bed. It was my very first vehicle worth something like $50 when we got it. (and no, I didn’t buy it new) It had a starter on the floor and three on the tree. Today is the big car show in town and so I’m on a mission to find someone who has or has restored this vehicle.


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Whatever happened to …

… vent windows?

Thanks, Sheila Stewart, for the suggestion.

Thanks, Wikimedia

When I bought my latest car (2014 Ford Fusion), I was kind of excited when I saw it from a distance. It looked like it had a vented window. Sadly, not. It was just a piece in the design and the window that actually rolled was smaller because of the design.

But I certainly remember the original vent windows from vehicles gone by. In my case, if was well before air conditioning. Now, you could roll down the main window but sometimes it just let in too much wind and could cause complaints from the rear passenger. With the vent window, you could get just enough wind coming through. They were very flexible and you could open them a bit or a lot and some of them actually spun around to allow even more air in.

This was also the time when people smoked cigarettes in cars. (not me, never had that vice). But, with the vent window, you could flick off the ashes easily through these small vents rather than dirty up the ash tray in the car. (Whatever happened to ash trays?)

For a Sunday…

  • Did you or your family ever own a vehicle with vent windows?
  • How did you use them?
  • As Sheila mentioned when she sent me the suggestion, they were actually kind of easy to break into since they were just held closed by a rotating lock (if you remembered to lock it!)
  • What was your first vehicle with air conditioning?
  • Do you prefer air conditioning or the ability to roll windows down and get air in from the outside?
  • Do you know of any current new vehicle that comes with vent windows?

As always, I’d like to read your thoughts. Please share them in the comments below.

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