My Week Ending 2019-07-21

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • This article asks the questions that I suspect that many people have asked and get frustrated when there are no hard and fast research results about screen time. We use what we think is common sense?
  • I suspect all school districts have opted for this option as it makes for easy support and IT departments like to stiffly creativity at times.
  • I know that the library technician is often painted as an equal replacement but I agree that there’s nothing better than a well qualified teacher-librarian.
  • Like Apple or don’t like Apple; you have to admit that they have had some pretty good commercials.
  • Here’s an example of a principal who goes far above and beyond to support literacy.
  • I wondered why there was a lineup outside Shoppers the other day. I think I’ll hold off for a bit yet!
  • This is good news for Linux Mint users. There has been a rash of stories about its demise lately but 19.2 is now available.
  • I guess I was just another poor kid in kindergarten. Had I known this, I might have tried harder.
  • I suspect that I’m in the minority when I say that I don’t use Emoji all that often. Or is it Emojis? I grew up in a text world online. <grin>
  • Maybe Google’s privacy policy should be required reading and studying in school?
  • Warning for me – a time suck lies in the weeds with future versions of Google Chrome.
  • Maybe my choices will be based on the science of psychology? Readers know that I’ll use … any shade of green.
  • Science has an answer for everything. Until this week, I hadn’t heard of the expression heat done.
  • Every time I get an itch now, I go looking for those little buggers.

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Technology Troubleshooting

Sadly, the problem with using a template is that sometimes changes don’t get put into effect.

I noticed this when I was including links to the blog posts from my blog this week. (See above)

Some of the links didn’t go to the posts that they were supposed to, instead linking to a previous week’s post. That means that I messed up.

The worst part is that nobody complained. Maybe they’re just not helpful.

Video of the Week

Photo of the Week

Saturday in the park was different at Colchester yesterday. You’ve seen lots of pictures of it from me if you follow me on social media. It’s a beautiful walk out into Lake Erie. Sadly, with the high water levels, the lake comes closer to land to meet us.


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Whatever happened to …

… metal lunch boxes?

Before I go to any conference anymore, my wife admonishes me – do NOT bring home any coffee mugs, water bottles, or bags. You have enough! Of course, she’s right and I did leave my water bottle on the registration desk at the end of the conference because I know that it will end up in a good home in a classroom somewhere.

But, I had to keep the coffee mug.

Sorry for the coffee stain but I was having a cuppa while writing this. The mug is metal; I’ve never had one like that before and it’s green. We stuffed bags with green, purple, and cyan mugs. My friend Kristeen and I made sure that we managed to get a green one.

We joked that if time became tough, these will have an authentic sound if people throw nickels and dimes our way. I had to explain to Kristeen that we got rid of pennies. Really?

It also brought back memories of elementary school where the kids who dined in the gym at lunch had metal lunch boxes. Not just plain ones either – they were branded with things like The Monkees or The Beatles or Hot Wheels or Barbie or …

I never had the joy. I was a town kid and home was just over 2 blocks from the school so I went home every day for lunch. And, I learned the greatest scam for getting out of class early too – I was a crossing guard and we had to leave 5 – 10 minutes before lunch to get into position to help the other kids who went home for lunch. My patrol was crossing Highway 8 on the way to Seaforth. So, I’d do my crossing duty – run home and grab lunch – usually a peanut butter sandwich and then go back to school to play with friends. 5 – 10 minutes before school resumed, I ran back to do the reverse crossing guard gig.

But, there was something special about the kids who stayed at school for lunch with their metal lunch boxes. They were just so cool plus they could keep the box in their desk and sneak a bite in the morning unlike those of us who were lunchbox-less.

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • Did you have a metal lunch box? Do you remember the brand/advertising on it?
  • Did you go home for lunch instead?
  • Of course, if you’re like me, you had lunch. Not two nutrition breaks masquerading as lunch 1 and lunch 2
  • Today’s alternatives aren’t metal – they’re either plastic or some sort of bag with insulation. How did our generation keep our lunch cool?
  • Nowadays, metal lunch boxes in good condition are collectible. It’s not uncommon to see them in second hand or antique stores. Any idea what the going rate for these things might be?

How about sharing some of you elementary school dining escapades via comment below?

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