This time for good?

I’ve been playing with the “New Twitter” for a while now. It originally felt fairly similar with just few things moved around on the screen. Sadly, I’d run into a problem somewhere and would switch back to “Legacy Twitter”.

During a very hot spell this week, I gave it another shot and was knocked back in my chair. Things most certainly had changed.

If you have a wide screen monitor, one of the complaints that you might have had (like I did) was that it didn’t use all of the screen. Now, there’s nothing wrong with white space but still … My new visit seemed to use all of the screen.

As I poked around on the screen, I noticed a “More” option. I’m always up for more.

There wasn’t a huge amount here but things I definitely wanted to play with and test. I made the text as small as possible (it gets more on the screen) and I went for a darker experience. “Dim” is actually quite nice and easy enough on the eyes without going full “Lights Out”.

And, of course, I had to make the colour green.

I typically bounce back and forth from Twitter on the web to Tweetdeck. This new look is really appealing and access to my Lists very convenient. I like the new layout and haven’t had anything that I felt I wanted to do but couldn’t.

The only thing is that Tweetdeck is looking a little old and tired. Is there nothing that will satisfy me?

Have you tried the New Twitter look? I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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