Chocolate and ketchup

Hands up if you remember this commercial from the 70s!

I’m in Phoenix for the annual CSTA Conference. I’ve been on the planning committee for a long time. We present a terrific set of exhibitors, speakers, workshops, and opportunities every year.

I learned something a long, long time ago. A committee often travels on its stomach!

Chris Stephenson let me know that there are some things that we take for granted that they can’t get in the United States. At the time, there was this fascination with Tim Bits. So, I brought a couple of boxes to a meeting once and it went over well. It’s just tough to pack!

These days, there are a couple of things that I bring to the meetings after visiting some fine food stores in town, you know Walmart, Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, …

What’s going over well now are two kinds of chocolate.

  • Aero
  • Coffee Crisp

Apparently, they’re not available here. So, I bring some and it goes over well. They were placed at the end of an aisle as a refreshment for those who were helping us stuff conference bags.

1 200 bags works up an appetite. I think 1 200 is light; my feet say it’s closer to 6 000!

The other thing is something that’s special for my friend Alfred Thompson. His local store every now and again will bring in Ketchup flavoured potato chips. But, it’s not a regular shelf product. So, I’ll bring him a tube of Pringles. They travel better in luggage than a traditional bag!

Of course, I have the receipts and declare them at the border. It’s never been an issue.

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