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On the heels of Canada Day, here is a fascinating real-time model of change in our population.

I think it’s something that we all do. When you see a U-Haul come down the street and stop at the residence that recently sold, you know that the mixture in your neighbourhood will change.

Of course, that’s not the only thing.

Babies are born; people pass away; immigrants move in; emigrants move out; and people just move.

As of midnight on the day of the screen capture when I wrote this post, population was up 1,369. Actually, the simulation is running in another tab on my computer and it’s now at 1,379.

There are so many discussions that can be inspired from this as well as just facts on the current population.

Tuck this away for next year; I’ll bet that you can find all kinds of ways to use it.

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4 thoughts on “Population clock

  1. Hey Doug,Population is very interesting to me.
    Canada today July 8th 2019 population is 37 598 758

    It’s interesting how the population fluctuates as much as it does. With today’s technology we have the ability to track people around the world almost at the touch of a button. People at airports or at border crossings or who have immigrated or emigrated, it’s all kept track of and recorded in real time around the world. People passing away from old age, accidents, illnesses, war or even stupidity as well as those being born are all recorded.

    S.A population as of today July 8th 2019 is 58 079 223
    I thought I would give you South Africa’s population since that is where I am from.
    The population in South Africa in 1999 was 42 million (when I immigrated)
    So the population in S.A. has increased by 13 million and Canada has increased by 7 million. Interestingly, the world population has increased from 6 billion in 1999 to 7.7 Billion in 2019.


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