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Mozilla has created a new website called Track This.  What it does was interesting enough for me to try it out.  The site is dedicated to those who would track you across the web.  What Track This does is automatically open 100 tabs in your browser based upon a theme.

The theme is selected to be a persona that you want the web to think you are!

Choose from one of these…


Sit back and watch while the site opens 100 tabs based on what you select.

Except, of course, on Firefox which


If nothing else, this will let you test to see if your browser indeed stops pop-ups from appearing because you need to turn that feature off for things to work.  Purely for academic purposes, I did and sure enough, the tabs appeared.


Now, to be honest, I didn’t let it run until all 100 tabs were open and indeed as you’ll note until the tabs had finished loading.  I did opt for the Doomsday persona and found that I was loading tabs about getting good drinking water.  I also tried to be safe about it and opened a new Private Window and ran Track This from there.  That would defeat any real time purpose of this; since the cookies aren’t retained but the decision about how is up to you.

We all need a bit of a diversion every now and again.  For today, this was mine.  It was a nice way to make sure that my popup blocker was working.  When enabled, I just got one new tab.

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