Whatever happened to …

… toothbrushes?

Thanks, Sheila Stewart (@sheilaspeaking) for the idea.

She sent me this inspiration…

Yesterday I stood for about 10 minutes looking through the rows of toothbrushes at shoppers drug mart. I finally found one with bristle contour and size and texture and…. that I thought would be suitable and thought to myself “whatever happened to the basic toothbrush?” Haha.. if you need a silly topic sometime!

Actually, I don’t think it’s a silly topic. After all, it’s a life’s profession for dentists and dental technicians!

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

Thinking back to my childhood, I don’t suppose that I was much different from most kids. I hated brushing my teeth. I’d try to sneak out of the house to get to school before mom nagged me. Ditto for after supper and then going to bed. It was always the same question.

Did you brush your teeth?

If we said yes, often we had to prove it with a kiss. For us, there wasn’t much technology involved. Just a plastic stick with some clear plastic bristles. There was nothing fancy about the toothpaste either. It was either Colgate or Crest; whatever was on sale.

Things certainly are different now. I can picture both the local Rexall and Shopper’s tooth aisle. Product everywhere with all kinds of promises for whiter teeth, better hygiene, and great breath all the time with fewer cavities. And they’re all ergonomically designed for the best performance, I guess. The only time I even get the opportunity for an old-school plain tooth brush is the freebie I get when I make my annual visit to the dentist.

These days, I use an electric tooth brush – you know the one that’s shaped like the tool the dentist uses. And, it’s got a timer for each of top and bottom, inside and outside. The first time I used it, I realized that if the timer was true, I didn’t spent nearly as much time brushing all my life!

Your thoughts for a Sunday.

  • These days – electric or manual?
  • Crest or Colgate or something else? Do you have product loyalty?
  • Were you a handful as a child with your parents going nuts trying to get you to brush?
  • How about your own kids? Do they brush without nagging?
  • After all that work, did you end up with cavities anyway?
  • How many times a day should someone brush?
  • How about flossing? Are you a regular flosser?
  • Do you think Sheila really spent 10 minutes looking at toothbrushes?

As always, please your fresh breath thoughts in the comments below.

This is part of a fun series of posts that appear on this blog on Sunday mornings. You can check them all out here.

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5 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Oh toothbrushes! I had to chime in on at least your electric toothbrush question. I can be pretty flexible with everything else, but I cannot do the electric toothbrush. The feeling of the spinning top against my teeth coupled with the noise, dysregulates me more than you can even guess. At the dentist, I will take needles, freezing, and even scraping over the toothbrush: the part that terrifies me the most. I’m strange that way, I think. Curious what others have to say. Thanks for your weekly walk down memory lane.


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  2. I love clean teeth!! I’ve been trying to find environmentally friendly toothbrush options and have easily spent 10+ minutes at a time shopping for them. I don’t like the feel of the bamboo brushes, but they are very basic if that’s what you want. I found some made by Tom’s of Maine that are compostable plastic when I was in the US! Toothpaste has become an issue for me. I’m buying all “leaping bunny” certified products now & toothpaste was the hardest product to replace. Again Tom’s of Maine has become my go-to. It’s more expensive so I’m always checking for sales.


  3. Thanks for going with my suggestion, Doug! You sure can take a topic and expand on it in interesting ways and with further interesting questions to ponder!

    Never tried electric.. hmmm

    My dentist changed the brand of his freebie toothbrush recently and I didn’t care for it much — so, yes, I really do think it took me 10 minutes to find the one I used to get and preferred. My knees were sore from crouching and scanning the lower racks of them haha!

    Crest or Colgate is fine, but I prefer the blue paste over the green.

    I think I was a consistent brusher as a kid — I just think we ate too much sugar. Did anyone floss back then? My kids got into a good habitual routine and never had the cavities that I did as a kid. Who knows for sure why….

    I think morning and evening are good for brushing — so twice a day at least. I floss every day now.

    I also wonder what alternatives there are or could be to reduce the amount of toothbrushes we dispose of.. yikes, when you think about it! I hope Lisa C will update on good finds!


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