Whatever happened to …

… Pantry cookies?

This is a real question, looking for an answer!

My grandparents always had Pantry Ginger cookies on hand. They came in a red box with a clear cellophane cover. They were an odd shape; not round but with swooped in sides and flat. The name Pantry was stamped in the middle of them.

They weren’t particularly sweet – just crunchy and had a nice ginger taste to them. I’d forgotten about them until a few years ago when I happened to notice them on the shelves at Sobey’s. I impulsed bought them and my wife became a new convert! We enjoyed them for a while and then they were no longer on the shelves. We went to the two other shopping options in town No Frills and Walmart but couldn’t find them there either.

What to do? What to do? I turned to the internet and, for the life of me, couldn’t find reference to them or even a picture of the box. The closest I could find was another person who misses them here.

It was a bit confirming that I wasn’t living in a world of my own making up memories.

For a Sunday, your thought please…

  • Do you remember Pantry cookies?
  • Are you a fan of ginger or gingerbread cookies? They don’t appeal to all.
  • What’s your favourite ginger cookie? Recommendations?
  • Have you ever had a favourite product that just went away with no forwarding address?
  • Most importantly – are they still available where you shop and I’m just isolated?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Doug, I keep trying to Google search it, to see if Google will lead me in a store direction. I even wondered about Amazon, as everything is on three. I can’t even get a visual though on the box of cookies that I vaguely remember. Was there a name of the producer of these cookies? Maybe you could track them down through the plant. Good luck!


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    1. Whew! It’s not me that didn’t proofread. It’s bad enough that I forgot to schedule it and noticed while writing my weekly summary! Have a great day, Aviva.

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  2. I don’t remember seeing these cookies before. I grew up eating Speculasse Dutch ginger cookies. You know, the ones in the shape of a windmill? Still love those, especially if you dip them in your tea! I make a soft gingerbread/molasses cookie that’s pretty awesome too. Drop in for tea and I’ll make you some!

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  3. I wonder if your cookies are like my mother-in-law’s ginger sparklers. It’s been passed down and a Christmas tradition here. Could the windmill design be any more Dutch? I wonder if it’s the official cookie of the Nederlands?


  4. Aviva, I believe they were made by Mr. Christie. I’ve Googled, Binged, Ducked, and Pinterested all over the place. I was almost ready to say that they didn’t exist (although we know better) since there doesn’t seem to be much of a record everywhere. Sadly, the name “Pantry” leads down many paths.

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