Royalty at the Abbey

I had this open in a tab so decided to add reference to it in the blog so that I don’t forget it.

The context was the visit of the United States president and, in particular, the visit to Westminster Abbey. Of course, anyone who ever grew up in the Anglican Church knows about it.

If you’re any kind of Royal watcher, you know that this is the place for coronations and weddings. But, also for much more.

There’s a whole section devoted to Royal things.

While the entire site is spectacular in nature, it was the Royals section that caught and occupied my attention.

Scrolling through the collection is like a visual British history. I was impressed with how many names brought back memories. I guess I did pay attention in history classes!

World-wide, we’ll be recognizing D-Day today. A service was held there on the 70th anniversary. The service is viewable here.

Canada remembers as well.

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