That’s been around for years

How many times have you heard that?

And then maybe you went and Googled it to see if it was true or not?

I like stuff like that. Often, it’s a never ending reminder that there were some very clever people inventing things a loooooong time ago.

So, that’s why I found this story intriguing and had to go through each of them and check them out. From Popular Mechanics, it’s a listing of the best inventions from the last 65 years.

If you were born in 1956, for example, what was a key invention from that year?



If you said “Hard Drive'”, you’d be correct.

Wow! Who knew? On the consumer end, it wasn’t until my third or fourth home computer before I had one with a hard drive installed. Then, if memory serves me correctly, it was a 5 MB drive for my TRS-80. Fact check here. It sure was better and more reliable than my dual floppy disk drives!

So, check things out. You might want to check what major invention came out in your birth year. How about your students? How about a timeline for students from their birth to present? How about their parents?

That won’t make you feel old at all!

Care to share the invention of your birth year?

I’ll tag this post with both humour and inspiration. I see a big of both.


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