Blog posts that should be written

OK, this is just a bit of a tongue in cheek post.  I was reading about this resource.  It’s called the “Best Title Generator“.  Basically, it’s an online tool that lets you enter a keyword and it generates some titles for a possible post.

I thought that I’d have a bit of fun with this and feed some keywords and get some suggestions based upon the topics of the day.

“Ontario Education”


“Student Protest”

“Radical Bulletin Boards”

Any takers?

I hope that you at least get a morning smile from this.

Author: dougpete

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4 thoughts on “Blog posts that should be written”

  1. I do love a good challenge! 🙂 One general topic, in particular, intrigues me. Now can I pick a sub-topic and go with it? Do I want to? Give me a day or two to let things brew.

    I did appreciate the morning smile regardless!


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