Great movies

One of my little self indulgences is watching old movies.

Particularly, the really old black and white ones.  Heck, I’ll even watch silent movies.

And, in the process, there’s some unplanned learning as well.  Like Raymond Burr wasn’t the only actor to play Perry Mason.  Who knew?

Periodically, television channels will show old movies.  I can remember when Channel 20 around here used to show the old Charlie Chan movies on Saturday mornings.

I think what I like about the old movies as opposed to the latest and greatest was that the entire story went on in your head instead of the current trend towards surround sound and graphic effects.  A great comparison is to watch some of the old horror movies where you didn’t actually see blood and body parts compared to some of the gore you see today.  Personal preference I guess.

Many of the really old shows have moved out of copyright because of age and you’ll find them on YouTube if you look for them.  That was my usual way of doing it until I found “Classic Cinema Online“.


Admittedly, there is lots of advertising but I find the presentation very interesting.   Not only are you escorted to the show via your current seat but many times you’ll find the movie poster that accompanies the original movie.  You don’t find that all in one spot!

Any other classic movie lovers out there?

4 thoughts on “Great movies

  1. Doug, I haven’t really thought about old movies in a long time, but I’m seeing some of these titles and thinking that I need to check these movies out again. Thanks for the reminder!



  2. Before Netflix, I did a lot more “old movie binges”. CHCH often ran old black and whites on a snowy Sunday. If I come across an old classic I still love to get lost in one. Laurel & Hardy, Clark Gable, so many old friends!


  3. I used to watch a lot of old movies when I was a kid back before the cable TV days. Anything with Errol Flynn or Maureen O’Hara was a must watch. I always did love a strong woman! I’ll have to check out that site and see which old movies I really need to watch again.


  4. As a test I searched for 1933 in YouTube and set the search filter to Long (>20 minutes). A lot of movies are there! One bonus of using YouTube vs the site you mentioned is there are no ads if you subscribe to YouTube Premium (which I highly recommend).


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