Whatever happened to …

… Popeye?

You know, the Sailor Man.

I grew up watching this great cartoon.  It was my childhood.  If I could be anyone, it would be Popeye.  I only had to eat spinach.  Then, I could beat up on all the bullies in my life and get the girl.  That’s probably the script for just about every episode.

and we’re talking classic here.

Did you know that Popeye turns 90 this year?  And that there’s this whole thing honouring this on his website?

The very first episode?

Today’s Popeye is 3D in design and much more politically correct than the original who appeared at the theatre and also on comic strips.  I’ve always had great respect for cartoonists who can tell a story in 3 or 4 scenes.  That’s got to be such a talent.

But, I still like the oldies.  Now, you can find Popeye on TCM at 10am on Saturday mornings and, of course, on Youtube.  Who could ever forget the credits opening in that door on the ship?  Or the fact that the comic had passed the National Board of Review?  (whatever that was)  Or the mumbling of the two principle combatants throughout the cartoon?

How are your memories of Popeye?

  • Do you remember classic Popeye, either comic strip or cartoon?
  • Can you name all of the cast members?
  • Which of the cast members actually had two names over the years?
  • Complete the phrase “For a hamburger today” …
  • By today’s standards what things do you remember from the cartoon that would never pass the Board of Review today?
  • One thing I always wondered – if Popeye could squeeze a can of spinach and make it pop open, what did he need the spinach for?

As always, please share your thoughts via comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. Doug, the only Popeye memory I have is the song, which has been playing on repeat in my head since I started reading your post. If I start singing aloud, we should all be scared. 🙂


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  2. My memories are similar to yours. Did you know there’s a hamburger chain in England called Wimpie’s? I only went in a couple times over the four times I’ve been, but smiled every time I passed one. I wonder how many times teenaged clerks have to hear, “I’ll gladly pay you…” from middle aged to elderly North Americans who think they’re being funny.

    And what do you think Popeye ever saw in Olive Oyl?

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  3. I am not sure why I know of Popeye for sure, but I do. And I mean the original, not the new movie with Robin Williams. I suppose it was through some exposure to comic strips and TV. I wish Boston Pizza still had “Popeye pizza” — it was a good way to eat spinach and used to be a favourite of mine (the feta cheese and garlic helped and there must have been some olive oil on it 🙂 ).

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  4. He is what he is 🙂

    Loved the Fleischer cartoons – actually used to go to the Thalia – a revival house on the upper west side to watch some of them on the big screen.

    Coming out of their black and white days with Popeye and Betty Boop they also did Superman in color.

    The two names: Bluto / Brutus 🙂

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