World Water Day

World Water Day, recognized by the United Nations, is March 22. On the website, you’ll find a collection of resources.  This can be very helpful if you’re looking for this sort of thing, including posters.  Teachers love posters. This year’s theme is Leave no one behind. If you’re looking for something more for your studentsContinue reading “World Water Day”

OTR Links 03/21/2019

The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! Stories via @Stephen_Hurley @RacquelCarlow @nobleknits2 #onted #5thchat — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) March 21, 2019 tags: IFTTT Twitter Larger high school class sizes will make Ontario students more resilient, education minister says | CBC News Larger high school class sizes will make OntarioContinue reading “OTR Links 03/21/2019”