Where in the world is …

… Carmen Sandiego?

No, this isn’t a post best written for a Sunday morning.  It’s a revival of the fun game from years gone by – now appearing in Google Earth!

The premise is the same – a crime has been committed and you’ve been recruited to see if you can solve it.  You get clues by visiting locations around the world in Google Earth and interviewing people.  Based upon your understanding of the clues, you move to the next location and continue.

What really struck me was the combination of the old and the new.


Vintage players will recognize the Apple II-ish font from the interaction on the right.

Contemporary computer users will recognize the latest 3D images from Google Earth on the left.  It’s a interesting combination.

It doesn’t take long to play this mini-game and it remains as interesting as it ever was from years ago.

It’s also a reminder of what used to pass as educational software.

You owe it to yourself to play the game; it won’t take that long – it’s kind of a miniature version of the original and there is a promise of more episodes in the future.

The whole game really shows off 3D imagery in Google Earth nicely.  After successfully winning the game, I replayed giving wrong answers to see what else was available for viewing and enjoying.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I used to love this game, even though a better knowledge of geography would have helped me out. This will probably still hold true. 🙂 I know that Mystery Skype Calls are still popular. Would an attempt or two at this game first help before a Mystery Skype Call? You have me wondering…


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