Happy Pi Day

It’s a sad day in Ontario Education.

Today is March 14 which is, as everyone knows (or ought to know) is Pi (π) Day.

It’s an amazing number and there are so many mathematical things that you can do with π.  And they’re all just fun.

So much, I’ve actually created a Flipboard collection of stories and activities related to π.  You can access it here.


My play this morning comes from this post – Find Your Birthday Hidden in Pi.

Here’s mine…


Why is it sad in Ontario?  It’s March Break so all the fun can’t happen in class.

Maybe first day back?

And, not to be confused with Pie Day.

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  1. I wonder if we’ll ever have a March Break that doesn’t happen on Pi Day. Thanks for sharing this resource with us. I wonder if there might be any home ideas in here that would allow families to celebrate Pi Day together. 🙂



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