My collection

It was this Facebook post from Alfred Thompson that convinced me that I need to get at it.

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 10.26.26

My smart Alec response was “I rented a storage locker.”

And, truthfully, it isn’t all that far from the truth!  I actually have two large tubs full of things that I’ve kept over the years.

USB cables?  Yep

Parallel printer cables?  Yep

Ethernet cables?  Yep

KVM Switch?  Yep

Unidentified power supplies and cables?  Yep

Original media for every piece of software I’ve ever owned?  Yep

Working copy of Teachers’ Essentials CD-ROMs plus actual production copies?  Yep

Silly swag from booths at conferences I’ve attended?  Yep

A bag full of conference bags from these conferences?  Yep

Backup wireless access point?  Yep

Computer programming reference manuals?  Yep

And that’s just a first kick at my stuff.  My kids have had their own discards that have become mine and I’d hesitant to throw them out because I might use them some day?

Should my inner Marie Kondo be calling?  Probably!

The problem is that most of this stuff doesn’t spark my current “inner joy” but I know that it once did!  My rationale is that if I decided to throw it out, I’d still have those tubs.

I’m wondering how Alfred made out in his pursuit of neatness.  I’m still waiting for the urge.

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