On being unique

Maybe it’s better to be just like everyone else?

I know that many think that I’m probably over over-obsessed about technology and security but it is a fascination and I’m sticking to it.  I’ve long known about the concept of browser fingerprinting and the concept is kind of scary.  Basically, the site that you land on could take a snapshot of your browser and potentially uniquely identify that it’s you.

One of the elements is the size of the computer screen you’re using.  By itself, perhaps not the scariest of things but, when you tack on other things, you can create that unique fingerprint.

I was intrigued after reading this article about what’s in the future for Firefox to address this.

Firefox Will Borrow A Sneaky Trick From The Privacy-Focused Tor Browser

Essentially, it’s a trick to send false information to the website that you’re landing on so that it’s mislead and not able to determine the actual size.

It’s a small thing but, hey, if it lets me be me and not anyone else, I’ll take it.  The only thing – if a site was doing it for good, resizing the content so that it takes advantage of a wide screen would be nice.  There’s nothing more frustrating than reading something obviously formatted for a phone.

In the article, you’re encouraged to test yourself at amiunique.org.  If you’re interested in this sort of thing, it’s interesting reading as is the scientific paper linked to from the landing page.

My results?


There are lots of times that I’d like to think that I am unique.

This isn’t one of them though.


1 thought on “On being unique

  1. Doug, ‪if you are not unique, there is no way that I am. Curious to know about the people that get “no.” What are they doing differently?‬



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