Help with old photos

One of my favourite Adobe Photoshop Elements workshops to conduct involved demonstrating how to colourize old black and white photos.  I used to use a wedding photo of my mom and dad as my exemplar.  People were encouraged to bring in their own black and white images and work with them.

It was a great deal of fun.  But, does it still have a place in the days of artificial intelligence?  This control freak liked having control over everything!  Can I trust a program to do the task for me?

That was my challenge as I played around with this web utility.

So, first I had to grab a black and white photo – off I went to Pixabay to see if I could find something that was free to use.  This is what I chose.


Image by MichaelGaida on Pixabay

Next, off I went to AlgorithmIA.  A quick upload later I was ready to go.  The site even allowed me to see before and after, side by side.


and the resulting image…


You’ll notice that the service stamps each of the images.

I was pleased with the results.  Of course, had I known what the original image looked like in real life in order to comment on the accuracy.

But, it’s just another example of how we might use artificial intelligence for good purposes.

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