A new reality?

Is this our new reality – at least when it comes to elections?

Google to ban political ads ahead of federal election, citing new transparency rules

So much has been made about potential tampering in the previous US election.  So, I’ve just got to believe that we’re afraid of this happening here as we head into a Fall (or earlier) election?

It’s important to remember that we don’t vote for a Prime Minister; we vote for our local representative.  Even a charismatic leader shouldn’t necessarily sway your vote although they try.  And, if you get swayed by an online advertisement, then you deserve to get the representative that you get!

And yet, at the same time, I think that we all have to be aware that this new media opens another avenue to reach those who would be voters.  In theory, it can be targeted to specific people just like the flyers that come in the mail.  But, a great deal cheaper and it certainly doesn’t generate an amount of paper waste.  With so many people watching television and listening to radio from non-localized sources like Satellite television, Netflix, or Sirius radio, getting into the face of desired voters might be a challenge.

So, online only makes sense.

It’s the response from Google that had me surprised.  It’s about the challenge of tracking the advertisers that really surprises me.

Under this system, Google argues the publisher may not know which ads were displayed. Similarly, the advertising exchange itself may not know which ad was shown — only that one advertiser beat out another during the auction. In cases where advertisers are running dozens or hundreds of advertising campaigns at once, this wouldn’t be enough information to build the legally mandated registry.

I just found it interesting that a company that knows where I am if I’m carrying my phone would have trouble with this.  I would have thought that the business plan and the accounting for tax purposes would have had that all covered.

While Google is a major player, they’re not the only one.  It’s going to see how the other major platforms address this.

It’s not like Google hasn’t done it before.

Gould wants Google to change its mind about refusing election ads

It’s been interesting and actually kind of fun to dig into just how the online advertising process works.  I’ve got a long way to go with it.

Maybe that’s my new learning reality.

1 thought on “A new reality?

  1. Doug, this would be a really interesting critical literacy and media literacy activity to explore with students. Educators could then draw parallels to our own election campaigns, point of view, and bias. I think back to when I taught Grade 5. This would have made a great extension to some of our social studies and media literacy learning opportunities.


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