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Are you a rat?

Yesterday, Peter Beens asked me if I have ever used the Brave web browser.  The answer was yes but with a qualified … but not for a while.  I felt guilty so fired it up, did the required updates, and then decided to make it my browser of choice yesterday afternoon.

But, before that, I had to juice up the interface a bit.  As I went into the preferences, Brave had dark and light built in but then I noticed that it supported themes from Google.  Remember the post from about a month ago about Google themes?  Off I went to grab one of those beautiful coloured themes.

That’s where I found the rat worm hole!

Under the coloured themes from Google was a new collection of themes – based upon the Chinese Zodiac.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m waiting for my Hot and Sour Soup to show up at any Chinese restaurant, I always read the Zodiac Sign placemat.  Doesn’t everyone?

With these collection of themes at the Google Extension Theme Web Store, you can now bring your browser to life with your Zodiac sign.  Or, someone else’s sign…


The sketches are incredibly well done and show up on your new tab page.   (unless you have defined a new tab over-riding than the built-in one).

The colours are all pastel colours based upon the sign you chose so if you installed the Rat Theme, your browser will look like this.


Of course, I had to try them all and read the descriptions for each.

Who needs a placemat?

And they display nicely in the Brave browser.



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