A twist on a calculator

OK, a bit of a confession here.  It might be one of those cases where my background and nostalgia is influencing my opinion of this newly discovered (at least by me) application.

The background?  In high school, I took a course on Business Machines.  Later on, as a teacher, I also had the opportunity to teach it.  Essentially, it was how to use a desktop calculator.  Huh?  Follow the link.

The big deal was that the calculator printed on paper and some of the machines also had a seven segment LED display.

These days, unless you work in a bank or some sort of institution where someone audits your calculations, you might not even run across this device.  In my day, brand names like Burroughs and Olivetti were big in the field.  Now, perhaps you’d see this created by Canon or Casio or …

Anyway, the whole concept got me into full appreciation for calculators and the features that they add other than add, subtract, multiply or divide.  University got me completely convinced that the RPN calculator is the only way to go.

But still, I’m intrigued by new features and that’s what’s got my interested in Calculator Touch – with Handwriting Recognition.

These days, we don’t wait until we get to a spot where there’s a desktop calculator awaiting our use.  We either do the mathematics mentally or we pull out our phone and use the calculator installed on it.

The challenge at times is finding those little keys.  It’s even more of a challenge when you’re walking.  Voice recognition isn’t 100% yet but how about handwriting on your screen?

It’s kind of a neat concept.  And the pulldown history is kind of like those old paper printers!

Have you tried it or something like this?

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