Make your own chat

This is something that I could have used a long time ago.

I’ve done presentations where I need to (or thought I needed to) show a dialogue between two or more people engaged in texting over the phone. To make it happen, I went old school, taking a screenshot of my phone and using The Gimp to edit in the needed content. On another instance, I had a cooperative daughter who helped create the conversation.

If only I had known about iFake Text Message.

It’s an onscreen interactive editor for creating a texting conversation. You set the parameters and enter the content.

It really is WYSIWYG. In the left pane, you provide the content and it appears on the right. Not only can you enter the content of a texting conversation but you can provide your own carrier, show battery status, plus a whole lot more.

So, if you ever need to “make” a conversation, you’re good to go here. Play around with it until you get it just right and then create and download the final image. No need to screen capture any longer.

What sort of innovative ways do you think you could use a utility like this? Please share your inspiration in the comments below.

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