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Happy Groundhog Day

Does an event like this lose its lustre when it’s not on a school day?

Given the weather of the past week, I think we’re all curious to find out when spring is going to arrive. I could go for “any day now”.

I’ve been collecting Groundhog Day resources for a while here.


2 responses to “Happy Groundhog Day”

  1. Thanks for sharing these again, Doug! I did a lot of thinking about Groundhog Day yesterday. For years, I celebrated it in kindergarten. Now I wonder if I see it more as a theme than an inquiry, so I didn’t. If students were showing a current interest in light or shadow play, or even animals, would I use Groundhog Day to extend this interest? Maybe. I wonder how others approach this, and if a growing understanding of inquiry changes even how we do the same things that we’ve done before.


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  2. Don’t you hate it when a reply is longer than the original post! It’s funny that you mention it as a celebration – in Business Education, we studied the festival that surrounds these events as a marketing theme. It’s something these communities do well. But, it’s all about an inquiry into weather no matter how you cut it!

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