On the ground floor with Jaime Casap

In a Facebook post this morning, I read about Jaime Casap starting a YouTube channel and he asked for people to help promote it. So, here I am doing it the best way I know how – via a blog post.

Bring IT, Together users will remember Jaime Casap as a keynote speaker a few years ago. Little bit of trivia – Jaime had some difficulty connecting his computer to the data projector for his presentation – I offered mine.

Since the presentation, I’ve been following Jaime on his Twitter account and find inspiration with his sharing.

Jaime knows what he talks about – having grown up in Hell’s Kitchen in a family with a single mother, living on food stamps. He was motivated and has achieved so much and wants to get his word out, hence the start of this channel.

Often, it’s neat to find people who have done things like this and you hop over to their channel only to find that there are already a large number of videos in place and you’re playing catch up. Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor. There are two videos in place; an introduction and his first release. If you’re interested, check them out and then consider following him.

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One thought on “On the ground floor with Jaime Casap”

  1. Just left a message on Jamie’s second video….
    Feedback is not validation. Such an important message.
    Karma…. is it really a thing? Or just the result of what happens when people take action?
    I’m hooked and will be following along. I have Doug Peterson and his blog post to thank for sending me your way. I’ve learned so much from THAT guy!


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