Gone phishing

How many times have we heard that the weakest part of any security measure is the person at the keyboard?

Phishing is the name of the game and, unfortunately, the bad guys have won at this game so many times.

How many times have we warned people about emails that are designed to get you to follow links that take you to places that aren’t safe or healthy for you and/or your computer?

How do give a “safe” example?

Google’s Jigsaw has you covered with this quiz. (I used all my anti-phishing skills to make sure that the link was safe…)

So, you make up a name or an email address and that information is used to create eight examples of what phishing might look like.

The links are interactive and use the information that you’ve provided to give you some scenarios to investigate.

You get a chance to use your skills of common sense and mouse overing to investigate the various cases. The explanations after you make your choice explain things very nicely.

I found it well done and used my skills…determining whether it was phishing or legitimate. It was interesting and fun. On the first time through, I got 7/8. Uh oh. I need to up my game.

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