Breaking in or out in the real world

One of my daughter’s and my favourite daddy/daughter thing to do is to watch any of the Oceans 11 movies. Being an enjoyer of old movies, my favourite is the original Oceans 11 with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. amongst the wonderful cast. She’s more of a George Clooney fan. Or maybe Brad Pitt.

Of course, 11 isn’t the only number in the series of movies but you have to love the classics.

I suppose in the big scheme of things there should be concerns about the face that it glamorizes crime. But, in a nice way, I would suggest. The planning and the details that go into the movie, while far fetched, almost seem realistic and doable with the right planning.

On one of our recent movie viewings, I had mentioned to her about how popular Breakout activities are in education. The concept has also opened opportunities for entrepreneurs in various communities. Sadly, there have been some unfortunate events in the new on this topic as well.

“Yeah, but Dad, breaking out is only part of the picture. In order to work, you have to break in, in the first place.”

Insightful child. Takes after her mother.

That lead us to, of course, Youtube.


Now, of course, none of this really is all that directly applicable to education.

Or is it?

Of course, Breakout games are fun and challenging puzzles but does the stage always have to be set by the teacher in charge?

What would happen if we turned students loose to devise their own Breakouts inspired perhaps by their teacher’s puzzles but also by the way things are done in the “real world”?

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