My week ending January 20, 2019

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


(You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • Do you trust your digital assistant? Here’s a smackdown between a couple of them.
  • I’ve had this discussion recently. Without a person championing things and pushing for new and substantial things, it’s easy to pick the low hanging fruit and thinking you’re doing something worthwhile.
  • Why math matters is all that it should take to read this article. Four years makes it a thing.
  • The Google for Primary students.
  • Bookmark this when someone challenges the logic that Chromebooks are “just a browser”. Today’s Chromebook is not your father’s Chromebook. Unless you’re one of my kids.
  • This is a wonderful Canadiana story about icebergs and stamps. It’s a great reminder of how rich and diverse we are.
  • Bookmark and share this list of growth mindset quotations. They’ll make great quotes for your next presentation.
  • I didn’t think that Canadian currency could be counterfeited. But, if there’s a buck (or $0.75) to be made, I guess there are those ready to make it.
  • I’m one of the 100 million. I’ve had a number of iPhones and Android devices and file management is always a weak part. This is a great alternative, at least for Android.
  • Canada has colourful towns.  Take a tour.
  • Every credit card company should protect you like this. Once a company auto-renews you, it’s tough to get them to stop.
  • Linux with a touchscreen? Yes, please.
  • I’m still curious about electric vehicles. I can see them for short jaunts around town but how about a four hour trip? Ford wants to make it available for pickups.

Blog Posts on doug … off the record

voicEd Radio

My on demand radio page can be found here.  

Opening song this week:

The latest #TWIOE show features blog posts from:

Technology Trouble Shooting 

My wife is a happy camper.

As reported here previously, the radio in her Jeep Renegade was a really bad actor in the cold and needed something done to fix it. It has had problems for over a year.

I’m happy to report that we shared another video with the local dealer of it acting up and, as a result, are now in possession of a brand new radio.

So far, so good

Video of the Week

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band are on a farewell tour. Who doesn’t like a good Seger song? Or a bunch of them. I have a collection of records and CDs. Youtube enhances things with live performances and collaborations.

My Favourite Photo of the Week

This is a painting from the lower level of the hotel I stayed at in Phoenix. I was walking by, saw it and my neck snapped back as I looked at it. I know her.

Any guesses? It’s a perfect image of a keynote speaker that we had at the Western RCAC Symposium years ago.

Thanks for reading.


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