Not just for names

I was cleaning out a filing cabinet yesterday and found this.

Now, this had to go back to 2011 or 2012 since the RCAC Symposium hasn’t been around for a few years now.

Of course, when you go to a conference or an event, you get a nametag. It lets you share your name with others and a quick glance lets you give the impression that you know that person in front of you and remember their name. That’s better than “Hi, ol’ whatcher name”.

It’s the ribbons underneath the name that can make for a bit of fun. Conference organizers will often buy boxes of ribbons with cute little sayings on them. They’re not cheap and it’s easy to put a price tag on the people that want to collect the entire set and have a coloured striped tie running down their chest!

I remember this one in particular. As Co-Chair of the Symposium, I knew how expensive they were and how people loved them so I had elected not to stick one on.

And yet, my friend Rose, insisted. I gave all the reasons I could think of to not stick one on but she wasn’t buying it. So, I put the onus on her. OK, pick one that says “Doug” to you – that’s now I got the scissors ribbon!

How about you?

  • Do you go for the ribbon table after registering at a conference?
  • Are you upset when an event doesn’t have ribbons?
  • What’s the funniest ribbon you’ve ever seen?
  • What’s the most appropriate-to-you ribbon that you’ve worn?
  • Have you ever picked out a ribbon for someone else because you just felt compelled to?
  • Do you keep your name tags and ribbons after the event? (Embarrassingly, I had current the current President of ECOO in my car recently and my BIT nametag was on the floor of the passenger’s side. Gulp!)

Have fun with it


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3 thoughts on “Not just for names”

  1. The first conference that I went to with ribbons was the BIT ones from many years ago when you were the ECOO Conference Committee Chair with Cindy. The funny thing is that I don’t remember what any of the ribbons say, but I remember how much fun everyone had with you and them that year. It’s funny how items can bring back memories. The BIT ribbons did that for me! I wonder if anyone else finds the same.


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  2. I used to keep the name tags until they threatened to destroy the door knob I was saving them on. As you know , I used to go to a lot of conferences. At most of them I had a badge that identified me as a vendor. I found that a tag or 6 made the vendor “warning” less noticeable and people because more friendly.

    Plus I like the ribbons. I don’t try to collect them all but I do like the ones that I feel are “me.”

    Troublemaker ribbons seem to be particularly popular at many conferences. They are among the first to run out. So I did the only logical think,. I bought a package of them myself. I now bring them to conferences. At that last one someone asked me what I did that deserved a troublemaker ribbon. I explained that bringing my own was justification in itself. I stand by that claim because, of course, I am a troublemaker. 🙂 I’m picky about how I give them out to BTW.

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