My week ending January 6, 2019

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


(You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • How about this for a concept for 2019? Maybe we all need to call BS more often and get people on the straight and narrow.
  • I hope that I never lose a credit card, but if I ever do, I think I’ll be glad that I’ve bookmarked this article. Well, Diigoed it. That counts as bookmarked, doesn’t it?
  • Using “tricks” in the title is probably click-bait but the 25 Google “tricks” are worth working through. Remembering them all may be a completely different story.
  • Toys and apps for coding. Can you have too many?
  • If podcasting is one of your goals for 2019, you might find this post of value.
  • Who’s going to argue with Margaret Atwood?
  • This has to rank among some of the best dog and cat videos for 2018. Got a better one? Share it!
  • If you’re looking to redo school hallways, this may be just for you.
  • If you’re looking for some great teacher humour or a quick meme, head over to this collection. I wish I could be that creative.
  • I upgraded to Tessa and really like what I see. I enjoy reading reviews and tips from others – I don’t always use them but they’re fun to check out anyway.
  • A very disturbing story. All parents should be asked to read this and consider their parenting approaches.
  • I’m in the same boat. I have not cut the cord to my headset for many of these reasons. Bluetooth is still lagging in the promise for this technology. Cords, as annoying as they may be, still rock.
  • A 46 year old success story for April Wine.
  • Weird things about the longest, friendlist international border in the world.

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Opening song:

This may well be the best rendition of this song ever. Watch it right to the end to see the bagpipes and fireworks.

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Technology Trouble Shooting 

This had to be the quickest case of a broken link that I’ve seen. On my Friday, This Week in Ontario Edublogs post, there were another collection of wonderful blog posts.

For some reason, and I honestly never do this, I decided to check the links to the blog post I wrote about and to the Twitter account of the author. Both of them were broken! But I’d just posted it!

I checked again and, sure enough, they were dead as a door nail. What to do? What to do?

I reached out to Terry Greene in my learning network and, within minutes, he was back to me indicating that the Twitter name and Blog had indeed changed.

I found the new locations and went back in and adjusted the post. All is good now.

It was so weird. It was changed just after the post went live. And, I don’t normally double check links this quickly after a post. Do do do do do do

Video of the Week

My Favourite Photo of the Week

The hall activity (featured above) where students balance, skip, jump, hop, etc. was very popular. Not to be outdone, this has been painted on the playground of the school around the corner for a long time. Jaimie and I see it twice every weekend. Does your school have one?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Doug, I always enjoy your recap of the week! Thanks for sharing this photograph of the playground painting. We have some similar ones on our playground. I really like how this one incorporates words in a meaningful context. Sometimes I see sight words painted around a playground and I wonder if kids read them. This might encourage some kids to read though as they also keep moving. Curious to hear if others have similar “playground paintings” at their schools.


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