Gone, gone, gone

This is quite amazing, to say the least.

One of the Photoshop skills that you learn at any workshop is removing the background from a photo. I know that the first time I tried the concept (before I knew anything about Photoshop), I just took an image and brought it into a simple graphics program and used the eraser tool to remove the background. It was timely, required the hands of a surgeon, and there were some pretty dicey moments around the edges.

Typically, you want to take a picture with a person and remove the background so that you can place them in a different setting.

Once I had developed a fairly deep set of Photoshop skills, I was able to do a better job although not quite perfect. There were always those little bits and pieces that you couldn’t quite reach.

So, in search of the perfect tool that would do a better job (and run on a Chromebook), I was intrigued when I found out about https://www.remove.bg/.

The site claims to do one thing and one thing only – remove the background from an image. The claim of doing so using artificial intelligence is also intriguing so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Typically, at moments like this, my test subject is the furry guy you saw on my Christmas post so up to the server Jaimie went…and failed. At this time, the service requires a human subject. Sorry, Jaimie.

As it would happen, we were talking this morning about how cold it was visiting Windsor’s Bright Lights last winter and I had a picture of this ugly guy and his beautiful wife taken there. The remove site will let you upload a picture or it will take a URL to an image. So, I right clicked on a picture I had in Facebook and pasted it into the service. True to its promise, it was less than five seconds later that I got the original and the image without the background.

The job? You can be the judge.

The download image is in PNG format which works everywhere.

I’ve got it bookmarked now for those occasions that I need a tool like this.

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1 thought on “Gone, gone, gone

  1. That’s pretty amazing, Doug, and I’m sure my students would really enjoy it! Adding it to the tool box! And that’s really a pretty handsome guy with his lovely wife!


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