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I haven’t written this recurring post since the summer time.  Interestingly, I do go in and check the comments that are sitting in blogging jail cells in case something legitimate needs to be approved.

After laughing at a few, I thought bringing them public might be enjoyable for all to read.  You can’t make this stuff up!

I feel so badly that you had to walk away from your kittens.  I’ll bet your bestie in Montana hates you now.

A more interested person might have sent it to Google Translate.  Oh, OK.  I gave in and decided to have it translated.  I’d hate to this I’m missing something important.

“But no one is going to persuade you to do this. To read the newspapers where you will probably write. The editor of Gmyz must have two skills; thinking and logical drawing conclusions. From your entry it is clear that these advantages are alien to you, because it is probably best for you to absorb the pulp of the leading “Mendi”. And maybe it is worth to have a wider seeing (you do not have to agree with them) for the same problems, even on this sensitive page. I’m happy.

I should have gone with my first instinct!

Well, there’s always The Google.  It would have been far quicker than writing a spam reply and then waiting for me to answer your question.  (And, quite frankly, I have no idea what your question is)

Ever wonder what happens when a dictionary barfs into a reply?

It’s actually kind of neat that people “take a break” from things to read my blog.  I’m still not sure of what the purpose is though.  And yes, babies and small cute animals do love me.  A big cute dog does too.

Having a utility to catch spam really is a nice thing to have.  It’s no wonder that a lot of people turn off the ability to reply on their blog posts!

For the record, I took a break from wrapping Christmas gifts in order to write this post.  My big cute dog was helping.  It’s the one time of year that I regret going digital as my start in wrapping is to find a pen that actually works to address the tags!

Have a terrific Tuesday.

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  1. Good morning Doug! I had to take a break from sleeping to read your blog post. It is always one of the things that I do every time I stop my sleeping and I must say it is always full of interesting news and titbits from around education and things you find on the Internet every day. The organization of making a blog post every day is awesome. I had to stop having my eyes closed to read it and now I am ready to start my day with a new outlook. Es ceru uz nākamo ziņu par kaķēniem, kad es atkal tīšu savus paklājus. Give $25 to Jimmy Wales. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you again soon!!


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