On Wednesdays, I have to use the Google Chrome browser on my MacBook Pro.  The software that voicEd Radio uses only supports a limited number of browsers calling in.  So, I open my document where I have the websites stored and open each of the blogposts in a new tab so they’re in front of me when I do the show.  I collapse them using OneTab so the posts are still there for Thursday morning when I write my This Week in Ontario Edublogs post.

Then, I’ll close it and try another browser for a few days.

Why?  I get a kick out of playing with different browsers and by running them, I’m able to keep them up to date.  This morning, I’m using the Cliqz browser.

The browser, from Germany, and built using content from the Mozilla project caught my attention with its claim to having a high level of security.

But, as I’m scrolling across the screen using Tweetdeck, I’m always struck with how smooth it is.  It’s a setting that Cliqz inherits from Mozilla.

It’s just a little thing – but it’s a check box that makes a huge difference in performance.

If any browser developer is looking for something to make their product better, take a look at this.

How about you?  Do you try different browsers just to see what’s going on or do you stick to your favourite?


One thought on “Smooooooth

  1. I mostly stick to Edge – because I am a rebel. I use Chrome on my school laptop for Googly things like AppInventor. On my home computers I have Chrome on only one computer. Most also have Opera which I use from time to time. I think I installed Firefox on one for some reason which escapes me at the moment.

    Basically I just don’t see much difference in them. Probably because I almost never add extensions.

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