Creative commons isn’t worth squat

By posting this blog post, I recognize that I am in violation of the Creative Commons license of the person that actually wrote it.

Creative Commons License

doug – off the record by Doug Peterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License.

Please excuse the above, regular readers.

It came to my attention last week that there is a person/thing/organization that is scraping every post on this blog and reposting it to another.  There is no credit for this blog as the original author of the posts as specified in the Creative Commons license that I’ve elected to use.  It is posted on this page.

This blog is a hobby.  I get enjoyment from writing and appreciate the fact that there are others that drop by to read it.  I like to think that I’ve also became a better writer because of this.

There are a few signature things like This Week in Ontario Edublogs that I write for every Friday.  There have been people that have used the content here and asked for permission and it’s been freely given as long as credit is given.  That’s the intent behind the Creative Commons license that I chose.

Somehow, the person/thing/organization that is scraping it doesn’t care.  It just takes everything without giving back any credit.  Originally, I thought that it was just me but there was another post from someone else that ended up in the middle of things last week.

So, what’s a guy to do?

I went and checked out the “About Me” page on the website.  It links to a Gravatar Indonesia profile and says…

I have very extensive experiences, in-depth knowledge on IT Service Management, Change Management, IT / Business Transformation Delivery, Vendor Management, Service Delivery and IT Consulting Services. I am a content writer and active on Scriptlance and Freelancer. I am good at writing, rewriting, essay writing, review writing, product description writing, blogs, etc. You can check my profile on Scriptlance.

That, of course, is not me.

I’m at a loss to contact the scraper.  There is no email address.  I checked Twitter and the same name is currently suspended.  I have contacted WordPress to ask that the site be taken down.

If anyone has gone through this and has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.  Unless the blog is taken down, it will be continued to be scraped.  Even if it is taken down, that’s probably only until a new one could be created and the abuse continued.

The only way I can think to be an end to it is to just stop writing.

6 thoughts on “Creative commons isn’t worth squat

  1. Oh my gosh, Doug! I’m so incredibly sorry to hear this news, and I really hope that someone can help you with a permanent solution. I also hope that it’s not to stop writing. You start my day off, every day. I’d hate an end to this reading routine that I’ve grown to love. Thanks for doing all that you have to connect Ontario educators, and I really hope that this is not one of the last posts that I can say this on.



  2. I hope you won’t stop, but I understand your frustration. I used to read a lot of quilting blogs, and this seemed to happen a lot to them.


  3. Ugh… just not fair, given your efforts and commitment, not to mention the community you have built through blogging and connecting with others. I hope this can be resolved. Is this person/org gaining financially by reposting your work? How awful.


  4. This happened to my Microsoft blog for a while. My manager said that it was just spreading my content and that was a good thing. I understand that attitude but it still feels like a personal violation to me. I don’t know how I would handle it today.

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