A month of command line fun

One of the topics that I have working for me in my Flipboard reading is Linux.  I’m not a die-hard Linux user knowing all of what’s capable at the command line.  I just like the fact that my old Windows computer is now fast, reliable, and more than capable to handle my modest needs.

These modest needs include web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, web applications, graphics, …

It’s just so nice that everything works and works well.

But, my history in computers goes way back to working Xenix, Unix, QNX, TRS-DOS, MS-DOS and even the Macintosh terminal at times.  So, I’m not lost in a black background window.  It’s just that I seldom need it for what I need to do.

But, there’s a series running on https://opensource.com that’s got me looking for a daily post.


So, I’ve done them all to date.

Driving the train through the terminal, playing 2048, playing Tetris, are all things that have caught my attention so far.

It’s interesting to have a new “toy” show up every morning.






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