My Week Ending December 9, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


(You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • I know that some teacher librarians go to work feeling like there’s a bullseye on their head.  Here are some suggestions for advocacy.
  • I just hang up on them.  This sounds like too much work although if you have time on your hands, it might be fun.
  • I love spinach but Popeye had better luck with physical development than I do.  I don’t get the connection to the fast foot restaurant with the the name though.  Maybe the connection just doesn’t exist.
  • This is an interesting spin on the commonly used logic that we need to get out of our comfort zone to be productive and innovative.
  • This is a great example of a corporation doing good for education.
  • I had no idea that Visual Basic was this popular.
  • I’m old enough to remember when a web browser was used for looking at web pages.  Now, it can even protect you given the current state of human engineering.  We’re all the better for it.
  • This is a good warning.  For as much as I like technology, there’s always that little voice that’s in my head and it should be in every educator’s head – “Do I believe all this promotional stuff?”  A good teacher and the right software are the best combination.  Software can’t go it alone.
  • I don’t know how people can lose a $1000 device in their phone.  It’s the first thing I do when I stand up – pat my pocket to make sure it’s still there.  This is an example of a very expensive mistake.
  • Huawei is big in the news these days for a number of things.  This is a bit of a backgrounder.
  • Google does have an enthusiastic following in education.  Is it too late for Apple and Microsoft?  Is this the plan?
  • I get angry when I read stories like this.  I get even angrier when there are denials that all this scientific evidence is fake news.
  • I can understand that there will be pushback from some web browser developers.  But, Microsoft missed the mark in its current version of Edge so will join the other side.  I think we all know that it’s true; there are some websites that will only work with Google Chrome.

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voicEd Radio

My on demand radio page can be found here.  The latest edition features blog posts from:

Opening song …

Technology Trouble Shooting 

For the season…

I’ve got the Christmas decorations up, inside and out.  A couple of years ago, we bought one of those coloured laser things.  It’s kind of neat.  There are a lot of them around.

Last year, however, it stopped working.  For some reason, we didn’t get rid of it so I stuck in into the ground this year and, when the timer clicked in, darned if it didn’t work.

And, it worked for about a week.  Then, it stopped again.

I let it go a couple of days although I stopped to switch it on and off to see if that would fix it.  I learned a lot from Windows computers.

But there was no luck.

So, the other day, I decided it had to go.  As I pulled on it to remove it from the ground, it worked again.

At least for a couple of days.  Then it stopped again.

My fix is to try to pull it out again and it starts working.  There must be a loose connection somewhere.  At least, I now know that I can turn it on with a little effort.

It’s also a way to get a good dog picture.


Don’t look into the light, Jaimie.

Video of the Week

For my Wednesday This Week in Ontario Edublogs show, we went with Dolly Parton’s Hard Candy Christmas.  Along the way, I found this wonderful duet of the song from Cyndi Lauper and Alison Krauss.

My Favourite Photo of the Week

My daughter is such a terrific little artist.  This year, she took on our front window.

It’s something that my mother did every year.  I’m delighted that she wants to continue the tradition.


Thanks for reading.


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