An ode to coding

Continuing along with the prepared for the Hour of Code, I’ve been working my way through the “playlist” from the Europe Code Week.  This time, it was enjoying a little bit of Scratch coding.  I suspect that most classes will do their introduction to coding via Scratch.

This project called “Ode to Code” was prepared for the Europe Code Week 2015 but I don’t think that it will grow old.

The presentation is in the form of a tutorial…

  • Choose a Backdrop
  • Add Music
  • Play the Music
  • Add a Dancer
  • Code the Dance

Now, this being  European, it comes as no surprise that the backdrops feature a quick tour of Europe.

Ah, classic Copenhagen!

And the music … it’s worth visiting the site to play the music and enjoy.

Then, it’s time to do a little dancing…

Getting the moves right and synchronizing to the music is a good activity.

If you’re getting ready for the “Hour”, then check out this activity and see if it suits your needs.

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