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Getting started with Rody

The European Union had its Code Week in October and, of course, shared many resources and ideas online.

Wow!  A week!  That’s got Hour of Code beat by four days and 7 hours….  <grin>

It is interesting to poke around and see what sorts of things are happening on the other side of the Atlantic.  One that caught my eye was CodyRoby.

There were a couple of things that intrigued me.

  • the resource came from an Italian website
  • it was an activity designed to be done without electronics – you know, computers and tablets and such

From this link, you can download the starter kit for free.  They need to be printed and cut to be in usable form.  But then, there’s all kinds of things to be done.

I was a bit concerned that the resources might have appeared in Italian but they’re either available in English or no language format.

To complement the paper resources, there are videos available at the bottom of this page to show how to use the kits to play various games.  Of course, you’re only limited by your imagination.

The resources are shared via a Creative Commons license and all are available in PDF format.  So, there’s nothing holding anyone back from using this activity during the Hour of Code or at any time.


Please share your thoughts here. I’d enjoy reading them.

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