The Grinch who stole the Hour of Code

It won’t be long now until we’re reading all about this year’s Hour of Code.  We still haven’t moved on to making it a regular part of the curriculum everywhere.

Will we ever?

Anyway, I’m starting to collect the resources in my Hour of Code 2018 Flipboard collection.

I found a new one over the weekend and for those who were patrons of the Grinch Movie will enjoy this.

It’s called the Grinch Game.

In here, you’ll find 20 levels of challenges to complete.  Once you read your challenge, it’s a matter of determining just what it is that you want to do and which instructional block will help you get there.


As should be expected, the challenges get tougher as you progress through them.  And, the setting (you’re in the mountains with snow, sleighs, reindeer, penguins, snowpeople, trees, …

So, get ready to gear up for this year’s event.

Heck, why not go that extra mile and make it longer than one hour!

It deserves to be.

Author: dougpete

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5 thoughts on “The Grinch who stole the Hour of Code”

  1. I was excited to find this tutorial, but while trying to complete it, I found it to be rather glitchy. I think our third and fourth grade students would become very frustrated. I’m not sure if the problem is me, or if others have found this as well. I spent several hours on level 8, and finally gave up!


  2. Interesting. I went right through to Level 20 without a hitch. Except for the actual Level 20 where I was pressed to come up with a good new idea. What, specifically, was your problem with 8?


    1. Perhaps it is an iPad issue, rather than the program. We had our HS students work on it as well, and they reported having difficulty with it. While we are able to code it, the response doesn’t work as well. The jumping action usually fails, and then slowing down is an issue at the end.


      1. Jumping and slowing down were timing issues for me. I had to run into a couple of reindeer until I got it. I used a MacBook Pro originally and tested it this afternoon with a Chromebook.


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