Parallel traditions

Happy American Thanksgiving Day!  Or, as my US friends call it, Thanksgiving day.

It’s interesting to note that both Americans and Canadians celebrate the same holiday although certainly not at the same time.

We hold ours in early October and they hold theirs in late November.  For us, it’s usually the last time for a swim for the year.  As I was out doing some shopping today, wearing a bathing suit was certainly not something that I would even want to consider!  But …

Our celebration meals mirror each other.  It’s a rough day to be a turkey.  There should be no romaine lettuce for anyone this year.

And, then there’s the football.  Calgary/Montreal and Edmonton/Saskatchewan were on the tube here.  Today, as per usual, Detroit and Dallas will have their home games – this year against Chicago and Washington.  For me, it traditionally was a time to be a mean teacher by not bringing a television in to the classroom so that everyone could enjoy the game.  (Like everyone is a football fan; it’s just an excuse…)  How many teachers today will be on smartphone watch to see who’s watching the game instead of working?

The American Thanksgiving Day kicks off the start of the Christmas shopping season with Black Friday sales.  Or, at least that was the tradition.  Black Friday has been backed up earlier and earlier, it seems.  Being close to the border, our stores have their own Black Friday sales to try and keep Canadian dollars here.

Then, of course, more football as classic university rivalries are played all weekend.

There is one thing that happens only this Thanksgiving.  Actually, as I type this it will be tonight; as you read it, it will be last night.

Around here, we’re big fans of the Charlie Brown franchise – a delightful group of characters that live somewhere.  That location is unknown to us.  It could be anywhere; it might be easy to suppose that it’s somewhere in the south since Charlie Brown wears shorts.  Yet today, I did see a couple of gentlemen wearing shorts even though it was 1 degree.  Not even the Internet knows but there is some speculation.

How many times have we seen Lucy pull that football away from Charlie Brown?  I enjoy it every year.

If you missed it last night, you can watch digital copies on YouTube or TeacherTube for educational purposes.  If you didn’t see it on television, complete the parallel package online.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. I saw notice of it — missed it. Charlie Brown always “kicked off” the special holidays when I was a kid. We made sure our own kids got to know the characters too. Classic bunch!


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