Screen capture

It was a feature to the Opera browser that I knew was there but didn’t actually use.  If you read my weekly newsletter yesterday, you’ll already know that I used it then.

I’ve always used tools like Jing or Shutter (with a great deal of success and happiness) so had never bothered to even try this feature out.  My bad.  I mean – I have the browser open already, why not use a feature that’s baked into it?


Clicking the little camera starts the process.


There is a fulls screen capture mode but I doubt that I’d use it much.  Instead, a selection appears in the middle of the screen.  Note that their are eight pull points where you can resize the image as needed and then you just “Capture” it.


Next stop is the editor so that you can doctor the final image.

Of course, there is the standard arrow pointing feature but look across the top at the tools.  I could take a picture with my camera and insert it into the image.  Why I’d ever want to do this escapes me at the moment but it’s nice to know that it’s there.

There are a couple of handy features though.

  • Blur – sometimes it’s important to blur part of the image like you’ve captured personal information and want to make it unreadable
  • Emoji – there’s actually a nice collection of emoji just a click away if you want to insert one, or two, or three, or more.  (I’m pretty conservative so I just inserted one above!)
    Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 7.45.53 AM

What impressed me was how quick it was – not that my old way was a huge time suck.

But, I just like to poke around with new things and this did indeed impress me.

If you don’t have Opera installed, you can download one for Linux, Macintosh, or Windows from here.

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