Now what?

I happened to fire up Twitter and was checking out the Toronto trends and noticed a number of trending items from the Ontario Conservative Party.

I dug around a number of places and finally landed on this.

As could be predicted, reaction from others across the province was quick and predictable.

It doesn’t take much energy to find a whole slew of people with similar reactions.

I thought that we were in a time of consultation over this and other topics.  The consultation website indicates that it continues to December 15.  No matter where you stand on this issue, having your voice added to the consultation is now even more important.

Make a point of answering the consultation and help shape Ontario.

Author: dougpete

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One thought on “Now what?”

  1. As someone who lives south of your border in a country were PC most often stands for “politically correct” it was amusing to me to see a “PC” Party announce something that is the opposite if “PC” in American usage. 🙂 You have to love and appreciate cultural differences and variety of meanings for acronyms.


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