Make a block out of yourself

This is just for fun and giggles.  And, perhaps you’ll find a good use for it.

Lego and blockish things are pretty hot concepts.  Here’s a web application that will turn your image into a piece of art in that genre.

It’s called appropriately – Brickapic.

The site is dead simple to use.  Upload a picture, set the size for the result and let it do its thing.

So, I had to give it a shot – I took an image of me that I’ve used everywhere and sent it up.  It was from EdCampQuinte and taken by Andy Forgrave.


The result?

Kind of neat.


I tried a landscape – beautiful oranges from a morning walk…


In a brickish world, it becomes


In the resulting image, there are a couple of tools to reshape and adjust the result.

Where could you use a quick tool like this?

4 thoughts on “Make a block out of yourself

  1. I’m wondering if kids could use this image to inspire an actual LEGO creation. Lots of spatial reasoning at play here if they were to attempt to even partially recreate these. Could also explore proportional reasoning and how to make it smaller depending on your scale. I think about how our kids do similar things with bead work. Definitely some problem solving happening here.


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  2. I like your ideas, Aviva. When I look at the two examples above, my immediate thought was to recreate the image using actual Legos. But, I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough orange! When I was playing with it for the post, I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to somehow hide a puzzle in the middle of the resultant image.

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  3. That would be neat! I wonder if the problem of not enough orange could lead to scaling down the image or problem solving in another way (eg, could orange be replaced with another colour or a combination of colours? How many would you need?). Thanks for getting me thinking this morning.



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