Orca Movie

It was proud uncle Rodd Lucier who was our host at the Scotiabank Convention Centre for a personal screening of Natalie Lucier’s movie “To The Orcas, With Love”


The movie was shown as a social event for the Bring IT, Together Conference.  A small group of conference attendees took advantage of this free showing.

In addition to the viewing, we all got an Orca movie poster which Natalie was happy to sign.  Rodd also took us to the online resources that have been created for using the movie in the classroom.  Those in attendance got an access code to the complete movie or you also buy a Blu-ray version of the movie if you’d prefer.

Information about the movie can be found on its website http://orcamovie.ca

You can preview the movie at http://watch.orcamovie.ca/

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