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I have two instances of “Tales of Mystery & Imagination” handy.  One is a book, behind me on the bookshelf, a collection of Edgar Allan Poe writings, and the other is the album by the Alan Parson’s Project and it’s in my record cabinet in the rec room.

The book doesn’t include “The Raven” although the album does.

Now, I have access to “The Raven” on my phone, courtesy of the New York Public Library’s Instagram feed.

It’s part of their program to make literature available on this medium.

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 04.50.42

That brings back great memories from high school where, for some reason, we had to memorize it.  Including the punctuation.

And, for some other reason, it was one of those activities that I didn’t mind doing.

And, I guess it worked, since I went out and bought the book and enjoy picking it up for a read every now and again.

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 04.51.00

I’ve only met one Lenore in my life but I immediately made the connection to the poem.  She didn’t have the same connection though!

“The Raven” is part of a continuing effort on the behalf of the New York Public Library to bring literature to this platform.  It’s a great concept.

Even greater, is the fact that there is a fingerprint icon on the pages so that you can pause the scrolling of the story while you lean back and contemplate what you just read.

How about in Education?  We know that people with cell phones like their social media applications, including Instagram.  Perhaps they should check out the entire library at the library!  Maybe start a book club?  Maybe use this as a model and write for their own Instagram accounts and share with others.  Social media can be more than cute and funny pictures and emoji.  Although, maybe appropriately used emoji could enhance their writing.

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