A Hallowe’en Playlist


Welcome to Hallowe’en…

I dug through my memory to come up with a song for the lead-in to today’s This Week in Ontario Edublogs and this playlist came to mind.

For your listening enjoyment, here are some scary songs to get you through the day.


What’s your favourite Hallowe’en song?

What would you add to this playlist?


4 thoughts on “A Hallowe’en Playlist

  1. My favourite made it to the top of your list — Monster Mash! It’s really the only one I like! Always makes me smile, and currently has me humming it in my head. For a day that I find very stressful, I appreciate you starting it with a smile. I may be humming Monster Mash a lot today … 🙂


  2. I hope that you get through the day well, Aviva. I told my wife yesterday that this was always a challenging day for teachers to get through. Tomorrow, and for the next week, I remember finding candy wrappers everywhere in my classroom.

  3. Black Magic Woman – Santana

    Spooky – Dusty Springfield

    Both of my girls used to work at Value Village – Halloween costume shopping central and by the end of October they never wanted to hear Monster Mash ever again.

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