What’s new?

Actually, a number of new ways to start new documents if you’re a user of Google online services.

Until this feature came along, you probably did the same thing that I did.  Visit your Google drive (drive.google.com) and then click the new button.


You then start whatever type of document that you want and away you go.

Or, if you’re particular about where you want your document to end up – I’m bad at this – navigate to the folder where you want it to be and then create your new document or right-click and pick the type of document to create.

Google has a quicker method now.  By registering a number of top-level domains, you can quickly create a document from the URL in your browser.


  • doc.new, Docs.new, Document.new


  • sheet.new, sheets.new, spreadsheet.new


  • site.new, sites.new, website.new


  • slide.new, slides.new, deck.new, Presentation.new


  • form.new, forms.new

Knowing them all isn’t really necessary.  Just pick one.  If you create a number of documents in your Google Drive, you might want to bookmark that so that it’s even quicker to create that new document.

The document that you created will be saved at the top level of the Google Drive associated with the account that you are logged in to.  If you have multiple drives, you can make sure that you’re in the right one by clicking on the icon in the top right of the screen.  When you’re done, just remember that it’s saved at the top level.  If you organize your drive with folder and sub folders, you’ll have to use whatever strategy you have for making sure that it ends up in the right spot.

If you need a strategy to find things, check this out.

One of the immediate advantages I see in education is to actually embed the instruction as a link in a document that you share with students if the goal is to have them create a document in their own workspace.


As the functionality of this gets appreciated by people, look for all kinds of tips for using it to streamline procedures.

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