Yes, but also …

For a little fun, I decided to poke around with this story this morning.

Science Says This Is the Perfect U.S. Road Trip

Yeah, I know.  Click bait.

Now, far be it from me to challenge “science” but there are some notables missing in this perfect road trip.

I was prepared to think that all of the locations were natural locations until I got to the Alamo.  Now, the Alamo is absolutely got to be on anyone’s trip.  I’ve been a number of times and it’s still humbling and interesting with each visit.

I’m certainly not a world traveller but have been to a number of places south of the border and I thought that there were some places that I’d add to the list.

  • Mackinac Island, Michigan – the Golfing, the Candy and just the beautiful houses
  • Omaha, Nebraska – the Zoo and the Historic District
  • Chicago, Illinois – Navy Pier, Sky Deck, and the Art Institute
  • Seattle, Washington – Pike Place and Mr. Rainier
  • San Diego, California – the Zoo, Old Town, and the Midway Museum

and I could go on and on!

So, probably the article limits itself by limiting the number of destinations to 50.

You don’t have to head south of the border for the perfect trip though.  I could easily come up with a road trip of Canadian sites to see.

Again, you don’t have to go A Mari Usque Ad Mare to do this.

How about a road trip around your county, town, or city?  Certainly, you could use the mapping tools mentioned in the article.

But, let’s go back.  Way back.  To this blog in 2010.   How about creating A Multimedia Childhood Tour?

How about that?  I’ve been blogging for eight years?  (Actually, it’s a lot longer than that)

More impressively, I remember a post from eight years ago!  I liked it then; I still like it now.


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  1. ‪Wow! 8 years & every day. That’s a lot of blog posts. I know this wasn’t the point of your post, but this little fact certainly intrigued me. Congratulations!!‬

    Thanks for sharing all that you do, every single day! On a point completely unrelated to this post, I wonder if you’ve seen changes in yourself as a blogger over the years. Any reflections that you want to share? Another post perhaps (hint, hint)? 🙂


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